SAOLAS is on a mission to redefine the concept of luxury leather by creating beautifully designed, environmentally conscious products. Instead of equating luxury with the use of exotic and rare leathers, SAOLAS is pioneering the use of eco-farmed cow hides in premium bag making. SAOLAS believes that high quality, premium leather is at its finest when the animal husbandry conditions are exceptionally high. SAOLAS believes that animals should be reared in more humane environments, should be slaughtered in a dignified manner with minimum stress to the animals, and should not be used solely for its leather consumption.

SAOLAS commitment to adhering to Biokreis guidelines ensures that cattle are humanely treated following ethical livestock welfare and living standards. In line with these beliefs, SAOLAS sources leather from bio-farm bred animals in Germany, where strong guidelines, regulations and regular monitoring ensures that standards are maintained

SAOLAS leathers are tanned with natural vegetable or chrome-free dye instead of the common heavy metal-containing tanning and pesticide-preservatives. Our commitment provides you with allergy-free, eco and baby friendly leathers – redefining what it truly means to be “luxury leather”