We’ve dedicated our efforts and resources to three strategic areas – mother & child initiatives and wildlife conservation.
Our commitment as a socially responsible business started at the moment of conception – it is at the heart of our brand.
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Mother & Child Initiatives

We LOVE mothers, we can’t help it – we are moms ourselves. It wasn’t until we actually became mothers that we truly understood how life-changing and all-encompassing motherhood really is.

SAOLAS believes that every mother should have the right and access to a safe and supported childbirth. Unfortunately, safe deliveries, and correspondingly low maternal and infant mortality rates, are not universal. In countries such as Sierra Leone, mothers face some of the highest rates of maternal mortality in the world.

We are proud to support German Doctor’s initiative at the Serabu Community Hospital in the district of Bumpeh Ngao in Serabu, Sierra Leone.

By deploying skilled German doctors, who volunteer their own time and resources for an extended period to train local medical staff and treat patients, German Doctors are able to provide much needed medical assistance in developing countries. At the Serabu project, German Doctors’ most critical task is to lower mother and child mortality, while their medical priorities include obstetrics, infections, surgical emergencies, and, increasingly, chronic internal diseases.

SAOLAS is committed to supporting this important effort by contributing to German Doctors with an annual donation. We are also working towards a longer-term collaboration with German Doctors that is focused on the specific needs of the clinic’s obstetrics patients.


We deliberately chose the name SAOLAS to reflect our commitment to protecting and raising awareness of the Saola, an extremely rare and endangered species currently on the precipice of extinction.

First discovered in Vietnam in 1992, the Saola (Pseudoryx ngethinhensis) is one of the world’s rarest and most mysterious large animal species existing only in the Annamite mountains of Laos and Vietnam. We believe that the protection of endangered species, such as the Saola, is critical to preserving the diversity of life on our planet. Efforts to conserve a specific species have spillover effects in protecting other species that run similar risks due to the loss of forests, native habitats, and the risks of trapping, snaring, and illegal hunting.  

In honor of the Saola, our namesake, we are supporting the IUCN SSC Saola Working Group via Stiftung Artenschutz (Species Conservation Foundation) in Berlin, Germany.  A primarily volunteer-based effort, the mission of the Saola Working Group (SWG) is to work collaboratively to conserve Saola in nature, and to leverage Saola as a flagship for conservation of the bio-cultural diversity of the Annamite Mountains as a whole. Whereas the Stiftung Artenschutz is a species conservation foundation that works globally towards the in-situ protection of endangered species, with a particular focus on less publicly known animals and their native habitats. In this effort, Stiftung Artenschutz partners very closely with the Association of Zoological Gardens in the German-speaking regions, as well as other conservation organizations. 


Currently, the Saola Working Group’s most critical work is to urgently find, catch and breed the animals to save them from extinction, as without this rescue the still omnipresent threat of active snaring and poaching in their habitat will kill even the last individuals. We are committed to supporting their efforts and are actively working together to develop strategic collaborations that are tailored to the specific needs in Vietnam and Laos for the conservation of the species. 

In addition to these contributions, SAOLAS will be also actively raising awareness via our brand, logo, and social media platforms to bring much-needed attention and resources to the species and other endangered species together with Stiftung Artenschutz . Alongside the Saola species, we have named each of our diaper bags after an endangered species to bring attention and awareness to their plight. Without collective action, these precious animals will disappear in our lifetimes.

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We are committed: with every SAOLAS diaper bag purchased, SAOLAS commits to planting 10 trees.

Our donations currently support two active Weforest projects in India and Zambia; these projects engage local farmers and communities to reverse deforestation through tree planting and training. Alongside the overarching aim to reforest areas stripped by mining and charcoal production with indigenous and fruit trees, these projects also aim to strengthen the farmers’ knowledge and capacity to diversify their sources of income, thereby reducing dependence on external contributions in the long run.

Learn more about both of the active projects here:

While Weforest’s specific projects are sure to adapt and change to the specific needs of local communities over the years, SAOLAS will always be committed to tree-planting to create a better, healthier environment for the generations that come after us.

Our commitment to this initiative is aligned with our over-arching pledge to commit 1% of all our profits from SAOLAS diaper bags under the “1% for the environment pledge”.