Sustainable Design

SAOLAS is committed to sustainability. This commitment is woven into our search for the most ethical and socially responsible materials – ranging from premium bio-farmed leather, to alternative pineapple leather, to utilizing natural vegetable and chrome-free dyes.

SAOLAS bags are not mass made pieces with the intention of “wear today, toss tomorrow”. Instead, our master craftsmen and women expertly work the leather by hand to ensure that the beauty of the natural leather grains is captured. We don’t want you to change your SAOLAS bag with every season, and every child – SAOLAS would delighted if you used your bag again and again, and passed it down. These are bags built to last.


SAOLAS is no mere diaper bag; it transitions seamlessly with you throughout the different stages of parenthood and professional life.

SAOLAS is not fast-fashion; it is not geared towards single use but instead its designed for the full spectrum and life-cycle of a woman and mother. SAOLAS bags and accessories are designed to be intuitive. Versatility is the defining feature of SAOLAS bags; with its detachable pouches, sleeves and multifaceted features, it adapts to your needs. Patented zipper iconography lets any caregiver know with a quick glance what a bag contains and equally importantly, what is missing. Equally importantly, SAOLAS signature diaper bags are designed to easily shift between the work and home, with padded laptop and tablet cases and charger cables and ties.  


SAOLAS achieves richly hued leathers that look as gorgeous as they feel.  The beauty of SAOLAS naturally tanned leathers is that no two pieces are identical; the authenticity of the leather is preserved.  SAOLAS leather is sourced from cattle whose lives are spent primarily outdoors and as such, any natural markings on the leather are the result of the animal’s environment and life.  The individual variations in the leather are maintained throughout the gentle tanning process.

A special note on SAOLAS leather colors –  the natural dyes enabled by vegetable tanning may lead to slight variations in color between different dye batches.  The chemical-free process means that each piece is unique, without the bland conformity of chemical treatments that render every piece indistinguishable from the next. Our skilled artisans expertly craft SAOLAS bags to maximize the beauty of natural leather.

SAOLAS  leather is crafted from the finest bio-farmed leather in the world.  Gentle and periodic treatment of the leather will ensure its beauty and suppleness will be maintained for years to come. the leather can be lightly cleaned to remove dust and light dirt with a soft, damp cloth.  For deeper stains or concerns, we recommend the use of specialty leather care products or cleaning by leather professionals.

SAOLAS changing mats have been designed to be easily cleaned with a quick wipe – whether a baby wipe or a soft, soapy cloth.  SAOLAS mats are crated from eco-friendly materials including sustainable foam, water-based glue, and Ariaprene®, as such the mats are not machine washable and should only be cleaned by hand.
While we advise that you take care of your bag with periodic cleaning and leather treatment as you would any of your favorite bags, SAOLAS bags are meant to be used. Whether tossed on the back of the stroller, set on a park bench, or touched by ten little grubby fingers, our high quality, premium leather bags are built to withstand the rigors of modern parenting. Our bags are stylishly hand crafted but tested for toughness, much like mamas! Each piece is built to stand the test of time.

Alongside this commitment to sustainable design, SAOLAS is actively exploring new products, including vegan-friendly materials, to provide parents with a range of options that satisfy their desire for luxurious, high quality, eco-friendly designs